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Hello and Welcome. 
Superb Creative is a digital creative studio/media company that helps businesses create meaningful connections to their
customers. Our work has demonstrated significant achievements in business growth and brand development helping our
clients to garner lasting results. We hope to provide you with similar success through our outstanding graphic design

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Creative Services: Welcome

Design Packages

Here are a few of the Pricing options we have available. These prices and services can be adjusted to best suit your needs.
Take Your Pick...

Creative Services: Price List

Outer Space


Branding Identity
Call Card (100 Printed)



Call Card



Call Card

Price List

All prices can be customized and prices are subject to change.

Our first priority is always the client and we believe that there is no one size fits all costing. We evaluate each client and come put with a plan that is best for them and works with their budget.

Creative Services: List

Logo Design


Your logo is a reflection of your brand, audience and how you want your company to be perceived. A good logo is memorable and differentiates you from all your competitors.

Call Cards

1 Sided $250.00
2 Sided $350.00

A business card/call card not only gives important information such as name, title, email, website, address and phone number, but it sometimes meets your customers before you do, it is the first exposure for you business.



A well designed Brochure introduces your company. They are a great tool that can be used to market your products/services to new customers and existing customers.



Your letterhead sometimes enter the room before you do, it creates a first impression for potential customers. Therefore, a letterhead must look professional, otherwise, people might assume the business is less competent. Working with a professional graphic designer and a printing company will ensure that a company gets the letterhead that they deserve.



Branded envelopes with unique and practical designs and prints that go well with the nature of your business can help you convey your business message to your clients easily and effectively. Well branded, envelopes can draw your customer's attention and add to your business awareness.


Starting at $400.00

Flyers are an effective and easy way to tell people about your products and services, even if they are handed out or online, they are very useful to bring in new business.



Posters are a great way to target a message specifically to the people who will walk past and see it. And a great poster design will do just that, It will grab their attention and give them all the relevant information they may need about your product or service.



We can create forms that are ideal for your company's wants. Application, Internal and Request form are only a few of the many things types of forms that we can help create, we will work with you to figure out what relevant information you may need from your customer and include it in a way that is easy to fill out.

Digitized Forms


Digital forms are ideal in today’s environment because they are more or less contactless and help save trees, customers can fill out forms online and mail them in for review cutting down on some of your companies unnecessary spending and can be stored digitally.

Invoice Books


Having a customized bill book or invoice book or purchase order book adds a dash of professionalism to your approach.

Social Media Design


You may have a special message or greeting that you may want to post on your social media to your customers. Though we have a variety of options available in packages, you may need a single post or just a few.

Label Design


Your products and services are the best and you deserve to have a label design or thank you sticker that best reflects your brand and the kind of service you provide.

Newspaper AD


A newsletter is important to give those you do business with an update pertaining to your business, products or services. It is a means to keep you and your company in the mind of your target and call them to action to do more work with you.

Resume Design

$125.00 - 250.00

Your resume sets you apart from all the rest of other resumes sitting in a pile from the rest of other candidates that all qualify for the job, but a well designed resume will leave a lasting memory in the mind of your future employer.

T-Shirt/Shirts Design


T-Shirts and Shirts are a great way for you to get Marketing and Advertising. Whether it's for distribution or for employees to wear. Its a means of getting your logo/company in the minds of people that you may not necessarily reach using other traditional ways of advertising.



Your restaurant has the best food, chef and staff, so your menu design should fall in line and help customers follow along and find their favourite food. A professional design will do just this.

Book Cover


A professional designer can help come up with Book cover design that is a complex balance of images, text, and information, you need someone who understands how each of these elements interacts with the others. A great book cover design, at its most basic level, is something that will help readers take you and your book seriously.
Because who are we kidding we all judge a book by its cover.



Banners are an easy way to get information to your customers or potential customers. When done correctly it can give the give information in a way that is legible at a glance.



A well designed invite can make your guests feel important and add an exclusive feel to your event, party or gathering.

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